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Vertical diversification of the business of AVE ENSIS d.o.o. through the advancement of the online domain


The current business environment in which business entities exist is quite dynamic, uncertain, unpredictable and subject to change almost on an everyday level. Consequently, constant interaction between people, computers, and entire IT systems is needed, but also high quality, open two-way communication (dialogue) between people who have lost their lives without which it is impossible to function normally in the same work environment. Contemporary (digital, virtuous) lifestyle almost out of the core changes the way companies present products and services, build their image and ensure brand recognition. By following the trends and the performance of their competition, most companies, in particular through site design and the use of numerous social networks and innovative ways of communication and marketing, actually stimulate standardization, communication, and collaboration, thereby raising the quality of their own products and services, creating added value. lead to the growth and development of the entire market. At the end of the day, they can only profit from all the stakeholders, on the one hand, the companies that target, offer their quality products and services and potential customers on the other, who quickly, effectively and efficiently find the desired products and services and achieve the expected results. Almost every minute of the minute, technological and business changes arise that responsible people in companies need to keep track of, monitor, update and adapt to them as soon as possible, implement them in their own business framework to keep up with time, but and the step ahead of the competition and thus in the market concretize acquired competencies, knowledge and skills.

Current AVE ENSIS d.o.o. website is active less than 3 years and has 42,408 visits, of which 12,510 unique visitors. Convincingly the largest number of visitors came from Croatia (52.64%), then the United States (20.68%), the United Kingdom (8.54%), the Netherlands (2.46%), Canada (1.27%) and negligible number from many other countries of the world. Most men (63.65%) are between 25 and 34 (51.86%), and web pages are most frequently viewed using the Google Chrome Web Browser (72.42%). The Bounce Rate, ie. the first page (not necessarily the home page) rate, to which the visitor has come is 7.27%, which sounds like a pretty good but disgusting result as the average time has been spent on the website for only 28 seconds, which means that the visitor is not content with the web page, he quickly loses attention and leaves the same.

The company’s current website is currently focused on the area of Split and Split-Dalmatia County and the smaller part of Zagreb, where most of the site visitors are asked, as well as the realized projects. The recent “guerrilla” attempts to exhale on the outside market, in the form of themed blog postings and occasionally paid ads, have not yielded fruit and the director has decided that the company will become a member of the CISEx Association in June 2017 in order to build its responsible, professional and systematic image for foreign markets, in line with advice from more experienced companies and individuals. The Croatian Independent Software Exporters (CISEx), a Croatian Association of Software Independent Exporters (CISEx), brings together Croatian software producers operating on the international market. The association was established in January 2011. The core activities of the association are the development of platforms and models of cooperation between software exporters and all accompanying industries, industry promotion and members of the association, development of education programs for members, development of cooperation programs with complementary associations, scientific, state and international organizations, encouragement of investment programs in the software industry, participation in publishing projects, organization of professional conferences, development of cooperation programs with the academic community, development of employment programs and socially useful projects.

Ideal solution and creation of a new website of AVE ENSIS d.o.o. a special emphasis will be placed that when a visitor arrives at any web site feel comfortable, gets what he came and stayed longer than he planned. The goal of the project is to create new, customizable and optimized web pages and content and page management systems, expand the targeted market to the whole of Croatia, as well as boost the awareness of the Avensys brand which, according to statistics, is constantly growing and thus successfully deliver its services to the US market.

By Vertical Business diversification, the company wants to target and use its competencies know-how and skills in a timely manner and expand its range of services to SEO optimization services, then Google advertising and ultimately to analyze key customer performance indicators. The company thus wants to ensure diversity, ie. diversity in the market and thus reduce business risks and create stable and secure conditions for business growth.

Total project value: 30.000,00 kn
EU co-financing: 22.500,00 kn
Project implementation period: 09.10.2018. – 09.10.2019.

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Jasna Bućan Cvitanić, Managing Director

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